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Taunton Deane CC Lottery Bonus Ball Fundraiser

Taunton Deane CC Lottery Bonus Ball Fundraiser

Jason Squire30 Jan 2022 - 14:56
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We need your support to help raise funds for the club

From Barry Jones who runs kindly runs the Lottery Bonus Ball fundraising account for the club.

Morning everyone
I hope you have all wintered well so far and are looking forward to the first of the winter nets starting next month . The new season is then just around the corner .
The reason for my email is to try and promote the clubs lottery ball . You may or may not be aware that I have been doing this draw now for over 25 years . By my reckoning I will have contributed between £30- 35,000 to club coffers over the years . Without such money raising the club would either have to look at other money raising events or an increase in fees .
As is the case with the lottery there are 59 bonus ball numbers . However at the moment we have only 46 people paying into the scheme . Of these 46 only 9 are current playing members ! A vast majority of ball owners have been paying into the scheme for most of those 20 plus years . Unfortunately many of these owners/ ex club members are getting old and unfortunately in many cases are dying . In the last few years an increasing number of owners have passed away . Only this last weekend an ex club founder Goeff Tarr ( aged 91 passed away - the last of the founding club members ). He was paying in for two lottery balls and has not lived in Taunton for the last 12 years !
All the profits go into the clubs coffers and I am normally able to pass on to the treasurer the best part of £1400 per year .
I have made numerous efforts to try and get more support for the scheme - unfortunately all to no avail . Hence I am emailing first and foremost to captains and committee members who might be interested in joining . I feel then I can chase other members in the club to join at a slightly later date .
To participate in the draw will cost you £5 per month with a weekly draw prize of £25 and then every 10 weeks there is a jackpot draw of £100 . It can be set up with your on line banking so the £5 is taken out a source .
The numbers available at the moment are :
7, 27, 29, 33, 37, 42, 46, 50, 53, 55,56, and 58 .
If you would like to participate in the draw to raise money for your club please contact me and I will send you the details so that you sort out an online direct debit . Please claim a number as well . If there is anyone else that anyone can think of who might want to enter into the draw please forward the email .
Thank you in anticipation
Barry Jones

Please note this message was sent out this morning via some direct messages Barry has received some fantastic support from the Ladies section and Sam Burgess buying some balls.

As of 2.30pm the following numbers are now available 37, 42, 46, 53, 56 and 58

First come first served.

Please contact Barry ASAP at and get your number to support your club.

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