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TDCC Lotto Bonus Ball Fundraiser

TDCC Lotto Bonus Ball Fundraiser

John Ashton7 Feb - 19:31
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Please help support the club.

Hello everyone
I hope you have all wintered well so far and are looking forward to the first of the winter nets and the oncoming cricket season.

A message from Barry promoting the Club Lotto bonus ball fundraiser.
You may or may not be aware that I have been doing this draw now for over 25 years . By my reckoning I will have contributed between £30- 35,000 to club coffers over the years . Without such money raising the club would either have to look at other money raising events or an increase in fees .

All the profits go into the clubs coffers and I am normally able to pass on to the treasurer the best part of £1400 per year .

To participate in the draw will cost you £5 per month with a weekly draw prize of £25 and then every 10 weeks there is a jackpot draw of £100 . It can be set up with your on line banking so the £5 is taken out at source .

There are currently six numbers left to purchase (23 , 34, 42, 46 , 55 and 56). It would be great to see some new players take a number.

If you would like to participate in the draw, to raise money for your club, please contact me and I will send you the details so that you sort out an online direct debit . If there is anyone else that anyone can think of who might want to enter into the draw please forward the message.

Thank you in anticipation
Barry Jones

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