Know Your Club - Meet the Players 1 of 8

1. Grant Davey

'Know Your Club' - Meet Grant Davey

1. Name
Grant Davey

2. Age

3. Occupation
Bare Minimum

4. Nickname

5. Year joined "The Deane"?

6. Current team/Other clubs played for?
Wiveliscombe CC, Ashbrittle CC and Taunton CC

7. Batsman / Bowler / All Rounder

8. Do you know your best figures?
6-11 and 114

9. Team mates most want to spend time in the slips with?
Dave Jones, for Ilminster at home

10. Team mates least want to spend time in the slips with?
Thomo, for Weston at home.

11. Who is your sporting hero?
Jonny Wilkinson

12. What other sports do you play / follow?
Rugby and Golf

13. What is your favourite holiday destination?

New Zealand ??

14. What is your favourite film?
Darjeeling limited

15. What is your favourite food?
Pink wafer

16. Favourite band or musician?
Black Keys

17. Money no object, what is your dream car?
VW camper, split screen

18. If you could attend any sporting event, what would it be?
England vs. Wales, Twickers, 6 nations decider.

19. If you could turn back time, and visit a moment in history, where would you be?
Berlin, 1989

20. Name five people you would invite to your dream dinner party?
Stephen Fry, Bob Willis, Ian McKellen, Joe Marler and Jack Black